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The process of applying for French planning permission is quite straightforward, once you understand what is required. If you have not yet read our article about French building permits, you can see it here.

Detailed information about the application, the forms and the documents to submit, is available on government websites. The idea is that anybody can prepare the dossier themselves, (providing you understand French of course).

However, it is clear that many people find that it is not that easy. For some applications you have to provide scaled maps and drawings, work out the surface areas before and after the works, and do photographic representations, amongst other things.

For those who feel that this is not for them, I offer a professional service at a reasonable price. You can choose the complete package or do some of the work yourself to reduce your costs. Provided your project does not exceed 170m², I can help.

Building permit
Permis de construire

Option 1 - The Complete Package

1. Complete the application forms in French

2. Compile the dossier:

  •  land plans
  •  land gradient
  •  measurements
  •  photographs
  •  project description
  •  before and after drawings
  •  photographic representations
  •  situation photos

3. Print copies

4. Submit to Mairie

5. Provide extra information if required

Fee - 550€

Option 2 
The Partial Package

I am based in the north of the Creuse and the Complete Package is available to anyone living within about 30km. If you are further away or you simply want to pay less, the Partial Package is for you. With my guidance, you take the measurements and the photos and I will do the rest. On completion, I will send the dossier to you as a PDF for you to print and take to the Mairie.

Fee - 330€

Declaration of minor works
Déclaration préalable

Option A The Complete Package

The documents required for the declaration of minor works varies according to the project. In some cases, only a few pages are asked for. In others, it can be almost the same as for a building permit.

Fee - from 250€ to 550€
A fixed price to be agreed with you, dependent on the work needed.

Option B 
The Partial Package

You can save money by doing some of the work yourself or if you live too far away for me to come to you.

Fee - from 150€ to 330€
A fixed price to be agreed with you, dependent on the work needed.

Supplementary reports

For some projects, you will need to submit additional reports. These are usually only needed for a building permit and in the following cases:

New constructions

Statement of septic tank conformity - if your septic tank does not conform to the current regulations, a statement confirming that your proposed installation is acceptable will be required. You can do this yourself or ask a company specialising in drainage systems to do it for you.

Thermal energy report - all new builds must now conform to the regulations concerning energy use and insulation. Specialist companies can do the report for you from the information that you supply. You can do this by internet and prices generally start from 149€.

Extensions and alterations

Statement of septic tank conformity - as above. 
If your property is not connected to mains drains but it is available, you will be obliged to connect to it.

Thermal energy report - not usually required.

If you need assistance with the supplementary reports, I will agree a fixed price with you between 55€ and 220€, dependent on the work required. 

Topnotch French Planning Permission Enquiries

Please complete the form below and I will get in touch with you to confirm your exact requirements and to advise you on how to proceed. This does not in any way oblige you to accept the services proposed and no fee will be payable until we have agreed which of the services best suits your needs.

Initial enquiry

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